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Memory testers, cable testers, Boundary Scan JTAG, SerDes instrumentation and power supplies. Fast, reliable memory tester for DDR3m DDR2 and DDR1. Learn about personalized, high-speed stand-alone SerDes transceivers.

Fast, Reliable Memory Testing for DDR

The RAMCHECK LX DDR3 /DDR2 /DDR1 (part n...

5 527 €

Array 3644A

Affordable 90W, 1 channel Power Supply

Easy to control single-output programmab...

190 €

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Innoventions RAMCHECK LX DDR3

State of the art Testing for DDR3

state-of-the-art memory tester from INNO...

3 202 €

ASSET Boundary Scan RIC-1000 Controller Kit

RIC-1000 Controller Kit

The RIC-1000 is a member of ASSET's Remo...


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ASSET Boundary Scan USB-100 Controller Kit

USB-100 Controller Kit

About the size of a pack of playing card...


Innoventions RAMCHECK 200-Pin DDR2 SODIMM

Innoventions High-Volume SODIMM

The RAMCHECK 200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Adapte...

2 709 €

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Innoventions RAMCHECK LX DDR2/DDR1

Fast Reliable Tester for DDR2 & DIMMs

The RAMCHECK LX DDR2/DDR1 is our state-o...

4 736 €

Innoventions RAMCHECK LX Base

World's Best Portable Memory Tester

The RAMCHECK LX base tester is the expan...

1 557 €

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