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Fast Touch Tablet Oscilloscope
Saleae Logic Pro 8

High Performance 8 Channels Analyzer

Professional light weight logic analyzer...

479 €

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200MHz Touch Tablet Oscilloscope

The world’s first full touch digital osc...

2 145 €

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USBee QX Test Pod

All you need to Debug Embedded Systems

A complete test pod for debugging and me...

2 369 €

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Pehutec Trace Analyzer Pro

Effective Software Error Detection

Professional software tool for analyzing...

1 600 €

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Oscium Logiscope

100MHz, 16Ch - Logic Analyzer for iPad

LogiScope transforms an iPhone, iPad or ...

168 €

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Dediprog  SF100

Update your Flash Directly on Board

The SF-100 is a high "speed In System Pr...

274 €

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SystemBase CS-428/9AT

World's Smallest RS232 Converter

CS-428 9AT-mini converts RS232 signals t...

38 €

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TotalPhase Aardvark

I2C Bus Master and Slave Device

The Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter is a f...

325 €

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