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VAT Number Explanation

Organization of Value Added Tax (VAT) Numbers

The first table explains the different standard Value Added Tax (VAT) number structure used within the European Union, list sorted by country. The VAT-number is equal to the ISO-country code typically followed by the corporate identification number with some optional digits (varies by country).

The second table list countries who are not members of the European Union.

European Union Member Countries

Country VAT-number with country-code (1) Number of characters
Austria ATU00000000 9 characters (2)
Belgium BE000000000 9 digits
Cyprus CY00000000X 8 digits + 1 letter
Denmark DK00000000 8 digits
Estonia EE000000000 9 digits
Finland FI00000000 8 digits
France FR00000000000 11 digits (3)
Germany DE000000000 9 digits (4)
Greece EL000000000 9 digits (5)
Hungary HU00000000 8 digits
Ireland IE0X00000X 8 characters (6)
Italy IT00000000000 11 digits
Latvia LV00000000000 11 digits
Lithuania LT000000000 9 digits
LT000000000000 12 digits
Luxembourg LU00000000 8 digits
Malta MT00000000 8 digits
Poland PL0000000000 10 digits
Portugal PT000000000 9 digits
Slovakia SK0000000000 10 digits
Slovenia SI00000000 8 digits
Spain ESX0000000X 9 characters (7)
Sweden SE000000000000 12 digits
The Czech Republic CZ00000000 8 digits
CZ000000000 9 digits
CZ0000000000 10 digits
The Netherlands NL000000000B00 12 characters
United Kingdom (8) GB000000000 9 digits
GB000000000000 12 digits (9)
GBGD000 5 characters (10)
GBHA000 5 characters (11)

Countries outside of the European Union

Country VAT-number (1) Number of characters
Norway NO000000000MVA 9 digits
Switzerland CH000000 6 digits
United States of America 00-0000000 (12) 9 digits


0 = A digit
X = A digit or a character

The first character after the country-code is always the letter U. Denotes "UID Nr".

The first and/or the second character after the country-code may in exceptional cases be a character (not I or O).

Indicates "Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer" ("USt-IDNr.")

The country-code is not according to ISO 3166. Since 1999 the earlier 8-digit numbers is now changed to 9-digits through additional introductory zero. (example: EL92001050 became EL092001050).

The second character after the country-code is a digit or a letter, the last character is always a letter. (Notice the difference between 1 and I and also between 0 and O).

The first character after the country-code, or in some cases the last character or both these characters can be a letter.

United Kingdom = England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Intended for "Branches" (Divisional registration).

Intended for Govermental Departments.

Intended for health care institutions, now normally exchanged with 9-digit number that begins with 654.

Federal Tax Identification Number.

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