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Oscilloscope | Data Generators and Test Pods

Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO), signal and waveform generators, high-speed digital pattern generators as well as test pods and multi-meters. Specialized products such as sweep function generators, arbitrary data generators, real-time embedded systems and debugging test pods.
Owon-MSO 7102TD

1GS/s Logic Analyzer & Oscilloscope

Dual channels, 100MHz combined digital s...

439 £

838 £
Acute DS-1302

2M, 200MHz Oscilloscope

The DS-1302 is a PC-based, pocket-sized ...

439 £

814 £
Siglent SDG1032X

Dual-Channel and 30MHz

The SDG1032X is a dual channel high-perf...

290 £

Oscium iMSO-204

Professional iPad Oscilloscope

Oscium’s newest product, iMSO-204, trans...

343 £

Siglent SHS806

Oscilloscope, Multimeter & Recorder

The SHS806 is a handheld oscilloscope wi...

351 £

Siglent SDG2042X

Professional Waveform Generator

SDG series is dual-channel function/arbi...

418 £

Siglent SDG1062X

Dual-Channel and 60MHz

The SDG1062X is a dual channel high-perf...

360 £

Siglent SHS820

Oscilloscope, Multimeter & Recorder

The SHS820 is a 200MHz handheld oscillos...

475 £