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RF and Spectrum Analyzers | PC-Based, Stand-Alone

Radio frequency (RF) and spectrum analyzers, both PC-based and stand-alone. Antennas and other accessories. Spectrum analyzers for iPad and iPhone are great when you are out on the field.
Aaronia HyperLOG 7025 X

Active 44dBi EMC broadband antenna

Ultra high gain ACTIVE directional EMC a...

628 £

Aaronia PBS2

RF Near Field Probe Set DC to 9GHz

Active high performance E & H Near Field...

2 245 £

Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4

9.4GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Our definitive EMC Spectrum Analyzer fla...

1 537 £

Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-2025E V3

2.5 GHz Hand Held Spectrum Analyzer

Low cost spectrum analyzer. Handy and co...

512 £

Leap IWT-5000A

Impulse Winding Tester

IWT-5000A winding tester is a coil (such...

3 463 £

Protek G632

Tracking Generator for 7830 Analyzers

This Tracking Generator G632 which is an...

478 £

Protek 2390N

Hand-Held 2.9 GHz RF Signal Analyzer

RF Field Strength Analyzer – With freque...

1 434 £

Protek 7830

Handheld 2.9 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Protek 7830 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer i...

1 701 £

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