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ASSET Boundary Scan RIC-4000 Controller Kit

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RIC-4000 Controller Kit

The RIC-4000 is a member of ASSET's Remote Instrumentation Controller family. The Remote Instrumentation Controller (RIC) provides an extremely flexible interface for communication between your ScanWorks® platform and your unit under test (UUT). It supports auto sensing Ethernet and connects directly to your UUT.


The TAP port concatenation is controllable by software, allowing a very flexible connection to the UUT and any daughter boards, or interface boards in the system. Voltage on each TAP-port and DIO-signals are individually software controllable. Individual termination on each TAP signal and some DIO signals, all software selectable.
The RIC technology together with ScanWorks Dispatcher enables up to 128 UUTs to be tested and programmed independently and individually. At test completion, each UUT result is diagnosed individually.
The RIC-4000 controller supports auto sensing Ethernet and connects directly to your UUT. It will be setup with an IP-address of your choice to make it available on your network. With the proper network connections and permissions, you can sit at your desk and control operations on a UUT anyplace in the world.


Max throughput/port50Mbps (Mb/second)
Number of TAP(s)4
Voltage0.8V to 3.3V
I/O Signal(s)32
TCK Signal160kHz to 50MHz


In dem Paket
  • 1xRIC-4000 controller module
  • UUT cable(s)
  • 1xCAT5E Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1xPower Supply, AC-DC 5V 4A