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ASSET Boundary Scan RIC-1000 Controller Kit

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RIC-1000 Controller Kit

The RIC-1000 is a member of ASSET's Remote Instrumentation Controller family. Remote Instrumentation Controllers provide an extremely flexible interface for remote communication between your ScanWorks® stations and your unit under test (UUT).


The Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol enable you to connect ScanWorks® on your local PC to any UUT connected to an RIC-1000 that is accessible on a common network.
The RIC-1000 supports an auto-sensing 10/100/1000 CAT5E/6 Ethernet connection as the communication link between ScanWorks software and the hardware that connects directly to your UUT. With the proper network connections and permissions, you can sit at your desk and control operations on a UUT anyplace in the world.
The RIC-1000 uses ScanWorks Embedded Instrumentation Engine (EIE) technology. EIE technology distributes the intelligence required to apply JTAG tests from the host PC into the Remote Instrument Controller.


Max throughput/port50Mbps (Mb/second)
Number of TAP(s)1
Voltage1.2V - 3.3V
I/O Signal(s)8
TCK Signal160 KHz - 50 MHz


In dem Paket
  • 1xRIC-1000 controller module
  • 1xUUT cable (2ft)
  • 1xCAT5E Ethernet cable (2m)
  • 1xPower Supply, AC-DC 5V 4A



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