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ASSET Boundary Scan PCIe-1000 Controller Kit

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art 113103

PCIe-1000 Controller Kit

The PCIe-1000 hardware kit is a high throughput, flexible JTAG (IEEE 1149.1 and IEEE 1149.6 boundary scan standard) controller and single port pod for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments.


The PCIe-1000 applies tests generated by three of the test technologies supported by the ScanWorks platform, including boundary-scan test (BST), processor-controlled test (PCT) and FPGA-controlled test (FCT).
The test, validation, debug and programming operations supported by ScanWorks cover a wide range of processes, including the following:
  • the BST tool supports structural tests for shorts and opens, scan path verification, interconnect tests, device programming, and memory access tests.
  • the PCT tool supports functional test with structural fault detection and device programming.
  • the FCT tool supports using an existing functional FPGA as an embedded board tester and for device programming.
The PCIe-1000 hardware kit comes with a PCIe controller card and a single-port interface pod. The pod can be up to 50 feet from the controller card and still support the maximum boundary-scan test clock (TCK) frequency of 50 MHz.
ScanWorks supports up to eight PCIe-1000 controllers in one personal computer (PC) for a total of eight Test Access Ports (TAPs) in a maximum configuration. The scan path mapping and configuration is handled through software. Voltages for each TAP port and DIO signal can be controlled individually via software, as well as individual termination on each TAP and DIO signal.


Max throughput/port50Mbps (Mb/second)
Number of TAP(s)1
TAP control mode(s)2
Distance controller to board10 Ft
Distance controller to board with pod13 Ft
Maximum distance50 Ft
Voltage0.8V - 3.3V (5V compatible)
I/O Signal(s)8
TCK Signal160kHz - 50MHz


In dem Paket
  • 1x PCIe controller card
  • 1x Single-port interface pod
  • 1x Controller cable (10 feet)
  • 1x Pod-to-UUT cable (3 feet)
  • 1x Power cable (10 feet)
  • 1x Adapter to match PCI-100 style UUT connectors
  • 1x Complete documentation