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Oszilloskope + Logikanalysator Pod

Der USBee DX Test Pod ist ein riesiger Sample Puffer PC, ein USB basierendes, programmierbares, multifunktionales, digitales, 2 Kanal Speicher Oszilloskope, ein 16 Kanal Logik Analysator und ein digitaler Signalgenerator. Er dekodiert I2C,SPI,Async, CAN,USB Low und Full Speed, I2S, 1-Wire,SM Bus, parallel, seriell und PS/2.


  • 16 bi-directional digital and 2 analog channels
  • Bus data extractor
  • Oscilloscope
  • Logic analyzer
  • Bus decoder
  • Packet presenter
  • Digital signal generator
  • Data logger
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency counter
  • I2C bus controller
  • Frequency generator
  • PWM controller
  • Pulse counter
  • Toolbuilder source code API
  • Remote controller
The best choice for your analog and digital embedded design debugging, the USBee DX Test Pod is a HUGE sample buffer PC and USB based programmable multifunction digital storage 2-channel oscilloscope, 16-channel logic analyzer and embedded bus decoder in a single compact and easy to use device. It is the ideal bench tool for engineers, hobbyists and students.
Includes the Data Extractors that are stand alone software modules that use your USBee DX to collect the raw data from many of todays embedded busses. It captures the data in real-time and stores the data to disk or passes it to your own processing application


Logic AnalyzerYes
Mixed Signal Oscope/Logic AnalyzerYes
Digital VoltmeterYes
USB (Low and Full Speed) DecoderYes
I2C DecoderYes
SPI DecoderYes
Async DecoderYes
CAN DecoderYes
I2S DecoderYes
1-Wire DecoderYes
SM Bus DecoderYes
PS/2 DecoderYes
Parallel DecoderYes
Serial DecoderYes
Click and Drag Bus DecodingYes
Data LoggerYes
Frequency CounterYes
Remote ControllerYes
PWM ControllerYes
Frequency GeneratorYes
I2C ControllerYes
Pulse Counter Yes
USBee Toolbuilder Source CodeYes
Digital Channels16


In dem Paket
  • USBee DX Universal Serial Bus Pod
  • Set of 24 multicolored test leads and high performance miniature test clips
  • Getting Started Guide
  • USB Cable (A to Mini-B)
  • USBee DX Test Pod CD-ROM


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USBee Test Leads

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