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art INN-8686-DDR321

Fast, Reliable Memory Testing for DDR

The RAMCHECK LX DDR3 /DDR2 /DDR1 (part number INN-8686-DDR321) is our state-of-the-art "combo" tester for DDR3, DDR2 and DDR1 DIMMs that comply with JEDEC standards. Designed to help your bottom line, RAMCHECK LX DDR3/DDR2 gives you fast, hassle-free memory testing.

Product information

The RAMCHECK LX DDR2/DDR1 tester is compatible with all existing RAMCHECK adapters, including the DIMMCHECK 168 adapter for testing PC133/100/66 SDRAM. To switch from testing one memory format to another, just swap out the adapters. You can also upgrade RAMCHECK LX DDR2/DDR1 in the field, with free firmware upgrades that you can download from our website. A PC communication program is also included which allows you to print and log the test results, plus store/edit/program the module's SPD information.
RAMCHECK LX DDR2/DDR1 requires no setup to use. Plug in the adapter (DDR2, DDR Pro, etc.,) turn the RAMCHECK LX unit on, insert a memory module into the test socket and then press the start button. That's all you have to do! Tests are very fast.

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