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Innoventions RAMCHECK LX Base
Memory Tester

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World's Best Portable Memory Tester

The RAMCHECK LX base tester is the expandable solution for testing DIMMs, SODIMMs and chips. Featuring a large, bright, high-contrast display and fast USB interface, RAMCHECK LX makes memory tests faster and more hassle-free than ever.

Product information

  • Supports all Registered, Unbuffered, ECC and non-ECC Parity memory devices.
  • Reliable and low-cost, simple to operate.
  • Rugged test sockets (with optional adapters).
  • Efficient USB interface.
  • SPD Wizard for programming, editing and saving SPD files.
  • Fast - tests a 512MB DIMM in 11 seconds (Basic test).
  • Operate as a standalone unit or connect to a PC to print and log test results.
  • Large high contrast display.
  • Free firmware upgrades available online.
  • Extensive selection of optional adapters for DDR2, DDR, SODIMMs, SIMMs, chips and more. Works with all existing RAMCHECK adapters.
The RAMCHECK LX base is compatible with all existing RAMCHECK adapters, allowing current RAMCHECK users to take full advantage of the LX's features and capabilities with no hassles. Just plug in your existing adapter and the RAMCHECK LX is ready to use.
RAMCHECK LX requires no setup to use. Plug in the adapter (DDR2, 168-pin SDRAM, etc.,) turn the RAMCHECK LX on, insert a memory module into the test socket and then press the start button.
The RAMCHECK LX can also be purchased in the following popular combination packages: RAMCHECK LX DDR2/1, RAMCHECK LX DDR2, and the RAMCHECK LX DDR1.


Basic TestIdentifies module type, size, configuration, voltage and frequency
 Checks open/short, addressing and identifies defective bits
Extensive TestVoltage Cycling
 Voltage Bounce
 March Up/Down
 Relative Refresh/Cell Leakage
 Relative Voltage Spikes
 Temperature Stress Test
Auto-Loop TestModule is endlessly tested with different pattern bits
 Detects pattern sensitivity problems
 Excellent for burn-in procedure
Addressing CapabilityMaximum 16 Row/ 16 Columns for a maximum 4G addresses. Currently, 2GB modules can be tested. Test support is added as larger modules are introduced to the market.
Clock FrequencyDDR2 clock 667MHz, 600MHz, 533MHz, 466MHz, 400MHz and 366MHz (with DDR2 adapter). Upward compatible with 800MHz.
 DDR clock 466 MHz, 433 MHz, 400 MHZ, 333 MHz, 266 MHz, 200 MHz (with DDR Pro adapter).
 SDRAM clock 184 MHz, 175 MHz, 166 MHz, 150 MHz, 133 MHz, 100 MHz, 66 MHz (with SDRAM adapter).
Data Bus WidthWith optional adapters: x144, x72,x64, x40, x36, x32, x18, x8, x4, x1.
Timing Range0-155.5nS
Timing Resolution0.25nS to 0.5nS
Programmable ParametersSize
SPD ProgrammingEdit/program/save SPD data, unlimited SPD files
 Production Mode for automated SPD programming
 Convenient SPD Wizard
Error Display128 x 64 pixel LCD (F-STN/Black & White mode, Transflective) with LED backlighting and 6 o'clock view direction. Multiple LED indicators and status tones.
UpgradesFree firmware and PC software upgrades via the Internet
 Optional new adapters for a wide range of memory formats are continuously developed. Will work with upcoming DDR3 adapter.
Operating Temp/Humidity3C to 32C (40 F to 90 degrees F), 20% - 80% non-condensing
Power Requirement100-250VAC/47-63Hz. A Universal Switching Power Supply for 7V/4Amp is included.
Dimension (W x L x H)24 x 16.5 x 7.6 cm
Weight4.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year limited warranty

What´s included

In the box
  • 1x RAMCHECK LX memory tester
  • 1x Universal 240/100VAC switching power supply
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x CD Companion (includes detailed RAMCHECK Manual & PC programs)
  • 1x 50-page printed manual
  • 1x carrying case

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