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Innoventions RAMCHECK 200-Pin DIMM Adapter

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art INN-8668-8

Innoventions Adapter Sun Computer mem

Allows you to test 200-pin FPM/EDO DIMM modules with a basic configuration of 144 bits as used in the Sun Sparc stations


Supports Burst Length of 2, 4, and 8.Supports CAS LATENCY of 2, 2.5, and 3.
Clock frequencies (partial list): 200MHz, 224MHz, 248MHz, 260MHz, 266MHz, 280MHz, 300MHz, 316MHz, 333MHz, 400MHz, 433MHz and 466MHz.
True 2.5V testing.Controlled Vtt for true STTL-2 compatibility.
Parallel testing capability of 72-bits.Three controlled pairs of differential clocks for tested module.
Automatic DQS8..0/DM8..0 or DQS17..0 support.Four -S control lines for up to 4-bank devices.
The DDR adapter also includes fourteen A13..0 address lines and three BA2..0 bank select address lines to support future 4GB modules.Support current module sizes of up to 2GB, with downloadable firmware upgrade for future module size support.

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