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ASSET Boundary Scan PCI-410 Controller Kit

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PCI-410 Controller Kit

The PCI Multiport Boundary-Scan Controller is a high throughput, flexible JTAG controller designed for a high-volume manufacturing environment.

Product information

The drivers for the PCI interface to the host PC have been optimized for 30 percent faster throughput than the PCI-100 at the same JTAG test clock (TCK) frequency. It can support two Four-Port Boundary-Scan Interface Pods and as many as three PCI Multiport Boundary-Scan Controllers can be installed in one PC. In a maximum configuration, one test platform can connect to as many as 24 JTAG scan paths (2 x 4 x 3 = 24).
The JTAG TAP signal cables that come with the PCI-410 have a ScanWorks standard 20-pin header format to accommodate the discrete IO signals that accompany each PCI-410 test port. An adapter is provided with the PCI-410 Kit to convert the 20-pin header pin-out to the 14-pin header pin-out if the discrete IO signals are not used.
The PCI-410 Controller Card and Pod are built to commercial environmental standards for the U.S. and Europe. The pod is EMI shielded to eliminate noise in a laboratory or manufacturing environment. Cables are also shielded and provide a ground wire for each signal wire when possible.


Max throughput/port50Mbps (Mb/second)
Number of TAP(s)4
TAP control mode(s)1
Distance controller to board10 Ft
Distance controller to board with pod13 Ft
Maximum distance50 Ft
Voltage1.8V - 5.0V TTL
I/O Signal(s)20
TCK Signal160kHz - 50MHz

What´s included

In the box
  • 1xPCI-400 Controller Card
  • 1xFour Port Low Voltage Boundary Scan Pod
  • 1xController Cable (10ft)
  • 1xGeneral Purpose Cable (4ft)
  • 4xTest Port Cable (3ft)
  • 1xPower Cable (10ft)
  • 4x14-Pin Adapters (6"")



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