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BPM 1610
Low Cost Industrial Device Programmer

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art 1610

Reliable with Huge Device Support

To achieve the high programming speeds, the BPM1610 uses advanced, accelerated socket modules (the FX socket modules). These FX Socket Modules allow you to program at the fastest speeds in the industry. For technical support please see option under the accessories tab.

Product information

  • Software updates are available throughout the year
  • Includes a three-year warranty
  • Supports over 40,000* devices
  • Proven 6th Generation Technology
  • Compatible with existing socket modules
  • Patented solution to guard against passing blank parts
  • Supports all device packages
  • JobMaster™ software included
  • Ideal for design engineering
  • Uses USB 2.0 communication bus
This ultra-fast device programmer comes standard with 240 pin drivers for complete continuity and functionality testing on all pins, unlike other competitive programmers.In addition, the USB 2.0 standard bus offers increased communication speeds and greater reliability.
Proven Performance
Introductory Programmer with Proven Performance
This classic 6th Generation engineering device programmer gives you the flexibility to program all device types including antifuse, PLDs, FPGAs, flash memory and more. Plus, our team of device support engineers works with over 190 semiconductor manufacturers to continuously add new certified algorithms so that you have the support you need. The 1610 currently supports over 40,000 devices.
Lifetime Software Support
Another great feature you get with the 1610 is free software support for the lifetime of the programmer. With BPWin, you’ll have access to new algorithms and powerful software tools like API, serialization and JobMaster™, our solution to simplifying your device programming process and automating production. Plus, you’ll receive critical algorithm updates and the use of software features, all of which enhance the usability of the programmer so that it operates more effectively today than it did yesterday.
Thousands of Socket Modules
Choose from literally thousands of socket modules when you program with the 1610. Our socket modules provide you with an electro-mechanical interface between your device and the programmer. They’re precisely designed to deliver high-fidelity waveforms to the programmable device, ensuring very high first-pass yield. The classic 6th Generation product line gives you the option of using any standard socket module or high-speed FX™ socket module.

What´s included

In the box
  • Software on CD-ROM
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Power cable
  • Data cable
  • 3-year hardware warranty


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BPM 1 Year Technical Support

1 Year Technical Support

For BPM 1610, 1710, 2800 and Flashstream 2800F.

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