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Leap SU-3280
16 Site Programming

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art SU-3280

Stand-Alone Universal Gang Programmer

SU-3280 is high speed programming for design engineering and small production. It supports PC-based and Stand-along programming mode which through LCD and keypad download the file to the inside 3.2GB memory. Moreover, SU-3280 adopts modular design. If with the universal DIP module, you can just use general type adapter on the market for different package. Or you can select gang module for 8-16 site programming.

Product information

  • Provides with DUT 75MHz bandwidth and < ±2.5nS signal skew.
  • Provides the stand-alone mode operation. Just use 5 keys and 20x4 LCD, you can select a project and start to program.
  • Provides asynchronous and concurrent operation for the 4 modules which allows chips to begin programming immediately upon insertion the chip fully on the same module. There is a message show on the LCD to inform operator to take off the finished device and inserts a new device.
  • Provides IC insertion test and contact check before programming. Under the AUTO mode, just insert the IC, SU-320 will start the processes automatically.
  • Provides high-expansion flexibility modular design. It can use as single-side universal programmer or SPI and FLASH gang programmer.
  • Provides mass-production-oriented software. There is used a project file to control to minimize the operator error. Moreover, the log file help the production managements.


Power Signal 
Logic Signal Level1.5V~6.0V,10mV
IOL,IOH Current10mA
Signal Skew<±2.5nS (3-5V)
VDD & VIO Level1.5V~6.5V,10mV
IDD & IIO Current400mA
VPP & VHH Level1.5V~15.5V,20mV
IPP & IHH Current150mA
Display20X4 Character LCD WORK & PASS LED
ButtonDirection key x 4. START key with light x 1
Embedded Memory3.2GBytes FLASH
Module Dimension120mm(L) × 75mm(W)
SU-320 Dimension360mm(L) × 190mm(W) × 64mm(H)
Weight3.0 kg
Support File formatBinary/Machine Code, Intel HEX, TEK HEX Motorola HEX

What´s included

In the box
  • Main Unit
  • USB Cable
  • CD ( Included Driver & User's Manual )
  • AC Line Cord
  • SU-3280-DIP48, Universal DIP-48 module

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