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BPM 2900L
Universal High-Speed Flash Programmer

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Programmer + Lever Socket Actuator

4 socket programmer with Level Socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate. 100MBytes/s program/verify times. eMMC HS400 mode at 400 MB/s. Comes with 256 GB mem upgradable to 512GB mem for the largest memory support in the industry.

Product information

Improved Production Throughput
The Lever Socket Actuator features precision machined aluminum alloy hardware and precision bearings for long life in a production environment. It also allows the operator to consistently actuate sockets while placing and removing devices while minimizing the fatigue from opening standard and high-tension sockets by hand, Precision socket actuation increases socket longevity. Opening the socket fully and evenly every time minimizes the potential for bent pins on programmable devices. The Universal Pressure Plate supports virtually all available production sockets and allows for quick package changes and adjustments – no tools required.
High Speed Programming
  • High programming speed for MCUs, eMMC, NAND, NOR & Serial Flash
  • Up to 100MBytes/s for industry’s fastest program/verify times
  • 9X faster than competing universal programmers
  • 256GB mem upgradable to 512 GB mem
  • Support over 37,000 devices
True Universal Support
  • 240 pin drivers, supports a wider range of devices on same socket
  • Ultra universal site technology streamlines first article
  • Compatible with existing 6th to 9th gen socket cards and algorithms
As newer and faster devices are introduced onto the market the Vector Engine Co-Processor® technology adapts to the faster speeds, delivering more value with improved performance.
Generic Sockets
  • Compatible socket cards 6th - 9th gen programmers
  • Replace only the worn socket and not the whole socket module
  • Share socket cards between automated and manual systems
  • Single programmer sw upgradeable to multi socket support
User-friendly interface includes all the software features you need to run your production programming operation. Process control, IP protection, API for custom applications, monitoring, traceability and External Serialization Server.


Quantity240-pins drivers total, universal ground transisters 48 fully universal drivers with vcc, vpp, digi-tal and clock 96 high speed digital and clock pins
Vpp Slew Rate40V/ms to 6V/us
Vpp Range0V to 25V
Ipp RangeUp to 1.2A total
Vcc Slew Rate40V/ms to 4V/us
Vcc Range0V to 13V
Icc Range0-2A
Icc Range0V to 4.5V
Digital Range4ns
Digital Rise TimeVpp, Vcc, and digital pin drivers are pro
ProtectionVpp, Vcc, and digital pin drivers are protected from ESD events. Vpp and Vcc drivers are also protected from overcurrent.
Clocks800kHz to 64MHz
Operational Temperature55° to 90° F (13° to 32° C)
Relative Humidity30-80%
Dimensionslength 304,800mm x width 304,800mm working height (excluding sockets) 73,025mm

What´s included

In the box
  • BPM Micro 2900L Programmer
  • Integrated Lever Socket Actuator + Universal Pressure Plate
  • Software on CD-ROM
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • 1-year hardware warranty

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