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PROG12Z 68HC(S)12(X) Flash/EEPROM

  • PROG12Z-68HCS12X-Flash-EEPROM_1
  • PROG12Z-68HCS12X-Flash-EEPROM_2

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art PROG12Z

All-In-One Development Interface

PEmicro's PROG12Z Flash Programmer software allows you to program/reprogram both internal and external HC12 or MC9(S)12(X) flash devices in-circuit, via any of PEmicro's BDM interfaces(available separately). The programmer software communicates with the processor's Background Debug Mode module through a PEmicro Debug Interface

Product information

  • support 68HC(S)12(X) devices
  • Programmer features include:
  • Program
  • Verify
  • Blank check
  • Upload
  • Display
  • Erase

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