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Siglent SDG1025
Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Generate Accurate and Clean Signals

The SDG1025 is a high-performance function/arbitrary waveform generator. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology and capable of generating accurate, stable, clean and low distortion output signals.

Product information

  • DDS technology, dual outputs, adjustable phase
  • 125 MSa/s sample rate, 14 bit vertical resolution, 16 Kpts memory
  • 5 output types of standard waveforms, 48 internally stored waveforms
  • Built-in high precision, 200 MHz frequency counter
  • Sweep-frequency and pulse train function
  • USB Device/Host, U Disk storage and software, optional GPIB port
  • Connect to SDS1000 series oscilloscopes
Application fields
  • Analog sensor
  • Simulation environment signals
  • Circuit function test
  • IC test
  • Researching and training
Edit arbitrary waveform
Edition of 14-bit 16kpts arbitrary output waveforms, Arbitrary editing software EasyWave provides 9 standard waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, ExRise, ExpFall, Sinc, Noise and DC, which meets all engineers’ basic needs.


Max frequency output20MHz
Output channels2
Sample rate125MSa/s
Arbitrary waveform length16kpts
Frequency resolution1µHz
Vertical resolution14bits
WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian Noise. 46 built-in arbitrary waveforms (include DC)
ModulationAM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep, Burst
Frequency counterFrequency range: 100mHz to 200MHz
Standard interfaceUSB Host & Device
DimensionWxHxD = 229mm x 105mm x 281mm
For detailed specificationsSee the datasheet PDF above

What´s included

In the box
  • SDG 1025
  • Resources CD
  • Certificate
  • Quick start guide
  • Power cord
  • USB cable

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