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The ISS Group, owner of The LAB eShop is an abbreviation used herein for Integrated Systems Scandinavia AB, a Sweden registered company with the VAT-number SE556341368001, with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Different terms may apply to different type of customers such as Companies with a registered VAT- number and Consumers (retail customers i.e. private persons) without VAT-numbers, identified as such by the customer given account information registered on the ISS Group website and referred to from here on in this document, when applicable and as separately stated.

ISS Group general terms of sale and prices are valid from the date published on the ISS Group web site, and replace any and all earlier of ISS Group published terms of sale and pricelists. In case there is a discrepancy between terms, product information or prices quoted on the ISS Group web site and other publications, the information on the web site is given priority.

Pricing and payment
The prices mentioned on the ISS Group website are updated in real time. VAT (value added tax) and freight will be added to all orders when applicable for orders issued by all customers residing in Sweden and Consumers residing outside of Sweden (not to Companies residing outside of Sweden). All prices are shown in default as Euro (€). ISS Group reserves the right to change offered prices without prior notice. Unless a separate agreement exists between the customer and the ISS Group, the price quoted through the website applies. For Consumers, all goods must be paid for in advance via credit card or direct bank transfer. All sales to registered companies is processed under the condition that usual investigation into credit rating has been approved. Standard payment terms of fifteen (15) days apply. In the case credit rating is not approved, the same rules as for Consumers will apply. Sales to Companies listed on the stock exchange, the government, municipality and county councils is usually invoiced with a payment term of thirty (30) days.

We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Diners

If the currency quoted fluctuates more than +/- 5% from the quotation date to the date of order, the seller reserves the right to either accept the order and be fully compensated for the difference via the invoice, or reject the order at which point a new quotation will be issued.

Orders placed by a minor will not be accepted. For overdue invoices, a late payment interest of 8,5% per year will be charged from the invoice due date.

Freight charge
Freight charge is added to every order. The cost for shipping is calculated once information about weight, volume weight, and total number of packages is available. There is a basic cost for shipping, no cash-on-delivery (COD) or other charges apply. Information about other options available (i.e. delivery service van) will be quoted by respective service provider as the prices may differ depending on delivery location. In the case of partial delivery, shipping cost for the remaining products will be charged as usual i.e. full freight charge for each parcel if nothing else is agreed.

Orders received before 13:00 will be processed and expedited the same day provided that the products are in stock. Standard delivery time for stock items is 1-3 days, for non-stock items 1-3 weeks. ISS Group usually uses UPS as the primary delivery service provider as standard. Delivery will be carried out to the specified delivery address. UPS will make one attempt to deliver the goods to the specified delivery address (weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM). In the case delivery at the given delivery address is unsuccessful, the goods will be returned to the nearest distribution center for collection by the customer.

A parcel that has not been claimed
For any shipment that has not been claimed and has therefore been automatically returned to the ISS Group after a waiting period, a fee is charged separately to cover the transport and administrative costs.

A description of a Consumers right to a ”cooling-off” period, is specified under the section ”Distance agreements - A consumers rights”. For all products from the standard product range, in their original packaging, still unopened (also applicable for CD/Software covers), the ISS Group accepts repurchase within fourteen (14) days from date of invoice. For a product where the original packaging is damaged or has disappeared, where components are missing, and/or where the product has been used, the repurchase option is not valid. Repurchase is not accepted for software, picture- or audio files where the seal has been broken (also includes technical seals, for example serial numbers), or products that have been custom ordered. For all cases of repurchase, the customer shall reimburse the ISS Group for shipping costs. Shipping cost and repurchasing fees will either be deducted from existing credit balance with the ISS Group, or will be invoiced separately. For all repurchasing requests, contact the ISS Group customer service department by visiting the ISS Group website and fill out the form at to obtain a return material authorization number (RMA). When the request has been received an RMA number will be sent by email to be used for return freight.

Note that obtaining a RMA number does not mean that a repurchase request has been approved. The RMA number is valid for fourteen (14) days, under which time the product shall have arrived at the ISS Group office. For any return shipment, the shipping cost shall be paid for by the customer in advance, a copy of the order and invoice, as well as RMA number, shall be sent along with the goods. The goods must be properly prepared, using packing material approved by the carrier (for example corrugated cardboard). Returns arriving at ISS Group’s office in an envelope or outer packing material that is not approved by the carrier will be returned without action taken as they cannot be accepted for repurchase. If the freight cost has not been prepaid or the RMA number or any of the required information and documents are missing, the same procedure applies.

A repurchase is approved once the ISS Group has received the goods and has carried out necessary checks to ensure that the product is fault free and that the conditions mentioned above have been met.

Distance agreements - A Consumers rights
Consumers has under certain conditions, as stated in the Swedish Consumers Purchases Act, the right to decline a processed purchase by contacting the ISS Group in writing (email, fax, or letter) within 14 days of delivery from the day the product has arrived in the consumers care. This right is not applicable when the product seal has been open or compromised. The seal can also be a technical seal (for instance a serialnumber when downloading a file). The right to decline the purchase is only valid if the merchandise is in the same unchanged condition as when the purchase was done. The right to decline a purchase is not automatically valid in the case of a Company purchase. If the Consumer wants to invoke this right, a written complaint to the ISS Group customer service through email at When in contact, state the order or invoice number to receive a prepaid consignment note with a dedicated return material authorization number (RMA) in order to return the goods. The purpose of the RMA number is to facilitate the identification and administration of the repurchase.

The warranty of each product is given by its respective manufacturer. ISS Group does not give any added warranties or guarantees to that of each manufacturer.

Liability of product
The liability of the product is generally handed over to the buyer when the product is delivered to the carrier. In the case of a purchase by a Consumer, the liability of the product is handed over the buyer when the product is delivered to the Consumer by the carrier.

In order to cite a complaint of damaged goods (damage in transport) the buyer shell immediately make a complaint to the carrier and to the ISS Group through email at, and return the goods as previously stated no later than 30 days from the invoice date. Consumers have reasonable time to make a complaint after transport damage has been established.

A company must verify all goods to be faultless on arrival. If a complaint is done, as earlier stated, ISS Group reserves the right to decide if and how to remedy the fault. In the case of a Consumer, ISS Group will bear the cost to remedy the fault if this can be done without unreasonable costs or inconvenience to the ISS Group. All other aspects of the purchase is referred to the Consumers Purchases Act.

When a complaint is made the buyer will contact the ISS Group customer service through email at When in contact, state the order or invoice number to receive a prepaid consignment note with a dedicated return material authorization number (RMA) in order to return the goods. Please note that such a return process does not constitute, in any way, an acceptance of such a complaint. The shipping number is valid for 14 days during which time the product is duly at hand at the ISS Group premises. A Consumer should use the prepaid consignment note in order to return the product. The product must return within 14 days upon receipt of the consignment note.

Upon return of the product the freight home must be paid in full and order and invoice sheet, as well as a detailed written description of the problem at hand, must be included with the product. If the freight home is not paid in full or any documents are missing, the product will be returned to the buyer. All products must be returned with its original packing and by the carrier approved wrapping (e.g. corrugated cardboard). Damages in transport due to poor wrapping will be invoiced to the buyer. ISS Group reserves the right to conduct product control to verify if the product is faulty and the complaint is rejected and the product returned to the customer.

All transportation damages shell be made immediately on the day of delivery to the carrier and to the ISS Group through email at

Liability in proportion to Companies
If a fault exists in the ISS Group responsibility, ISS Group will on its own choice rectify the problem through repair, redelivery or refund of the purchase-sum. ISS Group retains the right to direct the buyer directly to the manufacturer, or by the manufacturer assigned service center, to attend to the problem at hand. Further rights to the buyer can be obtained by each manufacturers own guarantees or service programs. The ISS Group liability as a consequence of a faulty product is limited to what is given within this document, Terms and Conditions. ISS Group has no direct or indirect liability for by way of example – but not limited to – incompability, delivery delays, harmful characteristics of the product, product liability, loss of profit, stoppage of production, loss of stored information, extra work, or other financial damage. Please note that support and documentation may be restricted to English for some manufacturers. In certain instances the report of a problem can only be made through a website or an email address.

Liability in proportion to Consumers
The following applies in Consumers as according to the Swedish Consumers Purchases Act. ISS Group reserves the right to remedy a fault or conduct a re-delivery of a product, if it can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to the ISS Group. Under certain circumstances the retail customer can be applicable to receive compensation for damage. All other aspects are referred to the Consumers Purchases Act.

Other information
All facts and pricing is given subject to misprint, manufacturer’s price increases, wrongfully given technical specifications and so forth, as well as with special terms in conjunction with clearance sales.

All names, terms etc. applicable at the ISS Group website are registered trademarks where appropriate.

All information herein given does not constitute or displays any commitment of usability, suitability, guarantees etc. other than what is directly stated.

ISS Group reserves the right to changes in all information, including but not limited to, pricing, technical specifications, product offerings etc. without prior notice.

Herein published facts- and pricing information, documents, graphics etc. may contain technical and/or graphical or typographical errors. ISS Group does not have any liabilities what so ever in regards to such information, referred information and/or documents within or linked to this publication or website.

At order processing an order receipt will be automatically sent via email. The order receipt is to be considered as information in regards to the contents of the order. Please note that pricing and delivery terms when invoiced may differ from the information given in the order receipt.

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