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Acute TL3234B+
SD3.0 Trig | Protocol + Logic Analyzer

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art TL3234B+

2-in-1 Protocol + Logic Analyzer 2GHz

Powerful PC-based with 34 channels, 8Gb memory portable protocol and logic analyzer. I2C, SPI, UART, SD 3.0 trigger and eMMC5.0, CAN and eSPI protocol monitor among many others are included. Only 123 x 76 x 21mm in size!

Product information

  • USB3.0 interface
  • 34 Channels
  • 2GHz timing / 200MHz state analysis
  • 8Gb Memory
  • Voltage detect : 2 sets
  • Stacks with Acute or another DSO to form as an MSO
The TravelLogic TL3234B+ is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet truly sophisticated logic analyzer, capable of 2 GHz timing analysis, or 200 MHz state analysis, with 8 Gb total stackable memory. With USB 3.0 connection, no additional power supply is needed.
Use the TravelLogic to capture many complex signals for circuit debugging. TravelLogic is also a good learning tool that assists students in understanding digital timing sequence relationships. Test reports and captured waveforms are easily saved for post capture analysis. You can save to a text or BMP file for further analysis.
Protocol Decoding
  • I²C
  • SPI
  • UART
  • USB
  • PD3.0
  • BiSS-C
  • CAN2.0
  • DALI
  • I²S
  • I³C
  • LIN2.2
  • SVID *
  • MDIO
  • PWM
  • USB1.1
  • eSPI
  • *) Upon request Only by users who have signed CNDA with Intel, supported by TL3234B+ ONLY
Bus Decodes
1-Wire, 3-Wire, 7-Segment, A/D Mux Flash, AccMeter, ADC, APML, BiSS-C, BSD, CAN 2.0, Close Caption, DALI, DMX512, DP Aux, EDID, eMMC 5.1/MMC, eSPI, FlexRay, HDMI CEC, HD Audio, HDLC, HDQ, HID over I²C, I²C, I²C EEPROM, I²S, I³C, I80, IDE, ITU656, IrDA, JTAG, LCD1602, LIN2.2, Line Encoding, Line decoding, Lissajous, LPC, LPT, M-Bus, Math, MDIO, MHL CBUS, Microwire, MII, MIPI DSI, MIPI RFFE, MIPI SPMI 2.0, Modbus, NAND Flash, NEC IR, PECI, PMBus, Profibus, PS/2, PWM, QI, RGB Interface, RC-5, RC-6, SD3.0 (SDIO), Serial Flash, Serial IRQ, SGPIO, Smart Card, SMBus, SMI, S/PDIF, SPI, SPI-NAND, SSI, ST7669, SWD, SWP, SVI2, SVID**, UART, UNI/O, USB 1.1, USB PD 3.0, Wiegand, ... **) Upon request Only by users who have signed CNDA with Intel, supported by all TL3000 models.


Power SourceUSB bus-power (+5V)
Static Power Consumption0.75W
Max Power Consumption<2.5W
Hardware Interface USB3.0 (USB2.0 compatible
Timing Analysis (Asynchronous, Max. Sample Rate)2GHz
State Clock Rate (Synchronous, External Clock)200MHz
Storage Conventional Timing, Transitional Timing
Channels (Data / Clock / Analog / Ground)32 / 2 / 2 / 4
Total Memory8Gb
See datasheet for more specifications 

What´s included

In the box
  • TL3234B+ Logic Analyzer
  • Zippered Carrying Case
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • Lead Cable 8cm - teflon insulated 40-lead (36 signal + 4 ground)
  • 40 x Grippers (each with dual male Berg pins)
  • Stack Cable (mini-coax)

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