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Serial adapters, converters, optical isolated and non-isolated. From USB to serial, RS422, RS323, RS485 and many more. You'll also find the world's smalles RS232 to RS422 converter.
Systembase-Mini RS232  RS422 Converter
SystemBase CS-428/9AT

World's Smallest RS232 Converter

CS-428 9AT-mini converts RS232 signals t...

38 €

Trycom TRP-C07

RS-422/485 Isolated Repeater

TRP-C07 is designed to extend the RS-422...

129 €

SystemBase CS-428/9AT - ISO

Optical Isolated RS232 Converter

CS-428/9AT ISO converts RS232 signals to...

55 €

Trycom TRP-C08H

USB to 2 port RS232 & RS422/485 Conv.

The TRP-C08H allows you to simultaneousl...

162 €

Trycom TRP-C08S

USB 2.0 to RS-232 and RS422/485 Conv.

The TRP-C08S is one standard USB 2.0 to ...

114 €

Trycom TRP-C08

USB RS-232/422/485 Isolated Conv.

The TRP-C08 allows you to connect your s...

100 €

Trycom TRP-C08U

USB to 4 ports RS-232 Converter

The TRP-C08U allows you to simultaneousl...

169 €

SystemBase TALUS

Small USB to Bluetooth Adapter

TALUS is a class 1 type Bluetooth USB ad...

39 €

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