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Oscilloscope | Data Generators and Test Pods

Under this category you will find digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO), signal and waveform generators, high-speed digital pattern generators as well as test pods and multi-meters. Specialized products such as sweep function generators, arbitrary data generators, real-time embedded systems and debugging pods are also available.
Acute PkPg-2116 +

200Mbits - Professional Data Generator

The Acute PkPg2116+ Pattern Generator is...

1 007 €

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Oscilloscope + Logic Analyzer Pod

The USBee DX Test Pod is a HUGE sample b...

1 400 €

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Logic Analyzer & Signal Generator

The USBee SX Test Pod is a HUGE sample b...

167 €

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Byte Paradigm Wave Generator Xpress

Generate Digital Patterns

This digital pattern generator helps you...

449 €

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Byte Paradigm WaveGen Xpress 32MB

High-Speed Digital Pattern Generator

This digital pattern generator helps you...

899 €

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USBee BusBee

Real-Time Serial Bus Monitor

Affordable I2C, SPI, Async, USB, CAN, 1-...

291 €

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Leaptronix DSO-1/2000

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DSO series of digital storage oscillosco...

595 €

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Leaptronix DSO-3000

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DSO-3000A series digital storage oscillo...

465 €

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