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Under this category you will find CPU modules, learning modules and sensor boards. Plug'n Play CPU sensor boards you can just click-in any sensor on top and you'll have a complete embedded system based on an ARM0 CPU and high-speed flash onboard memory. Ideal for fast and low-cost developing.
Leap LP-3900

Universal Digital Logic Development

The LP-3900, a digital logical circuit b...

1 310 €

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Universal PCI Development System

Design for developing universal PCI syst...

874 €

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Leap LP-2900

CPLD/FPGA Experiment Kit

CPLD and FPGA is now days the first-choi...

818 €

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SystemBase Eddy CPU v2.5

CPU Module, ARM9 400MHz & 8MB FLASH

A high-performance embedded CPU module w...

93 €

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Leap uP-2

MCS-51/AVR/PIC MCU Experimental Board

The uP-2 includes MCS-51, AVR and PIC wh...

246 €

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iProtoXi Micro CPU Board

Micro Main Processor Board

iProtoXi Micro CPU Board is the heart of...

46 €

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iProtoXi Micro Air Pressure

Barometer &Temp Sensor Board

iProtoXi Air Pressure Sensor Board conta...

19 €

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iProtoXi Micro Bluetooth Module

Bluegiga WT32 Bluetooth Module

iProtoXi Bluetooth Module and iProtoXi B...

46 €

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